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Best Places To Eat In London

I recommend you try the upscale banger porridge (think upscale, popping and porridge), an English tradition that is unforgettable if you have it in the right place.
Located on the 33rd floor of the famous Shard of Glass, it’s a great excuse to dine in metropolitan style. London is home to more than 50 Michelin-starred restaurants, but this one is more accessible as you can get a shortened five-course tasting menu each week that won’t set you back that much. This upscale Chinese restaurant serves epic dim sum reminiscent of Hutong’s, with an emphasis on quality ingredients and a high level of service.
In fact, there are only five Michelin-starred restaurants in London, and all are likely to have opened on the Royal Hospital Road. The name may seem a little unimaginative, but the food is anything but unimaginative But – and while it’s probably the most expensive restaurant in town, it’s definitely one of the best.
The focus is on French cuisine, which is still well represented even after 22 years as a restaurant with a Michelin star of 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Considering where to eat as a child in London, these options are at the top of the list, but there are some restaurants from ethnic chains that are really delicious and good for kids. London really is a crossroads of the world and authentic food can be forgotten in almost any part of the world outside London. This cuisine can be found in many different places in the city, not only in restaurants, but also in cafes and bars. These kinds of explorations can all be a wonderful part of the London experience.
I wouldn’t recommend these two kitchens in London, but Wahaca is really good, and Selale turns out to be by far the closest thing to real life.
Selale offers a spacious seating area and friendly waiters, and their food is simply delicious (and also halal). Selale is unique, there is nothing like it – there are fish skewers, but nothing is as good as fish and chips in Selal or the chicken tikka masala in Wahaca. It is one of London’s most popular restaurants with a wide range of food and excellent service.
I don’t know any Lebanese chains, but a lot of small Lebanese places are good, so try if you’re in London. Lebanese chain, and I would be bebing if I were you, if only for the good food, good service and friendly staff.
In fact, I think an excellent family travel blog called Little Nomads summed it up best when it recommended avoiding places that simply use a common, generic menu that says “Great British Pub Food.” In a classic pub, you usually have a few good options that your children will like, and a good selection of food for adults.
It’s probably not the best Chinese food you can get in the city, and there’s a good chance the food won’t actually be great. There are undoubtedly many great places in London with great food, but there are also some that will be just as good, if not better, than those you are looking for.
It is not every day that you can expect to find such fine food in the food courts of department stores, but in London it is fair game. Harrod’s Food Hall has fresh delicacies, and it’s not the only place in town with a wide selection. Start at one end and go to the other to sample some of London’s most popular food stalls, such as those in Kensington and Chelsea. To end the food coma, head to one of the city’s best restaurants for good, old-fashioned comfort food.
If you like fine dining, Ledbury’s is the answer, but if you want something Asian, you have something to eat. Stalls and dining cars abound, and there are plenty of ways to find out what kind of food you prefer, whether it’s chicken, beef, pork, lamb, fish, chicken or fish and chips.
We know that there is great food here, and some exquisite establishments have not one, but two Michelin stars. Southwest London has a lot to offer, be it a meal in one of the many restaurants in the city or a night in the city that we can recommend, as well as some of London’s best Michelin-starred dishes from the best restaurants in London.
Take a look at our handy map to see where they are and see for yourself. So make sure you leave early, otherwise you’ll have a hard time getting a table in these picturesque cafes at the weekend.
If you like spices and Asian flavours, visit this restaurant in the heart of the city and enjoy some of London’s best food and drink. Visit one of our favorite restaurants and go for a meal where you will be fed and fed again. Entertainment and French cuisine are served in this popular restaurant, where a starter menu can be ordered for only 10 to 50 PS10.